Holistic Massage
Holistic Massage
Holistic Massage
Holistic Massage
Holistic Massage
- Holistic Massage in Camden, London -

The ancient Egyptians and
the Chinese recorded the use
of essences, but it was in the
early 20th Century, that a
French chemist René Maurice
Gattefosse accidentally
discovered the healing power
of lavender.

Later his work was built upon
by French Physician Dr. Jean
Valnet and later French
beautician and biochemist
Marguerite Maury developed a
massage and beauty program
to incorporate the use of
essential oils.

It is used for a wide range of

Aches and pains
Period pains
Digestive problems
Insomnia Stress and anxiety
Aromatherapy massage is an enjoyable way to help maintain and enhance
well-being, health, beauty and lifestyle.

Essences are blended for the client’s needs, depending on the nature of the
problem and can treat several conditions at the same time. These
Aromatherapy blends are applied to the skin with a specific massage
designed to help essences be absorbed into the body.

One-hour full body massage - £50
Thirty minutes for back and shoulders - £30
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